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StoreMods provides monthly marketing services to help grow your Ecommerce Business. We dive deep into research about your market and competitors and use strategic, actionable steps to bring more traffic and customers to your Shopify Store.

Standard Marketing Package:

  • Written blog posts for your Shopify store.
  • SEO Optimized Product Descriptions

Monthly Shopify Advertising:

Drive Sales to your store

  • Our Ad Manager will create and manage your Product Ad Campaigns
  • We Handling Social Media Promotions and Tracking Sales from ads

Monthly Shopify SEO:

Gain more store visitors and customers monthly without advertising.

  • Gain more Store Visibility within your core audience online.
  • Get Monthly Reports to track your store growth


Have you spent a lot of time working on your eCommerce store, and still getting a few (if any) consistent sales?

Sometimes this can be due to your products, but more often it has to do with your brand and the interests/audiences that you are trying to sell to.

One of the main steps towards building a successful brand is to gather the right kind of people to your store who are interested in buying what you have to sell, and who will want to spread the word.

Storemods can help you create and monitor your PPC google ads, and paid social media ad campaigns so that more potential customers come to your online store.

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Storemods - Shopify PPC Marketing

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