Shopify Store Branding - Store Design & Setup

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A Common Problem

Have you spent a lot of time working on your Shopify store, and still getting a few (if any) consistent sales?

You may need some help with branding!

I have worked with dozens of Shopify stores as a designer and developer in eCommerce space for several years. The key difference between profitable stores and upstarts is Brand. The gut feeling about you that the potential customer gets as they visit your site.

We can help you find your eCommerce Store's voice. 

Craft a store that looks and feels uniquely you.

Our Service Includes:

  • Brand Design for your store (with optional intro chat)
  • Logo Creation & Color Scheme
  • Content Ideas & Social Media Content Guides

Help with your Shopify store is just one click away.


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Shopify Store Branding - Store Design & Setup

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